I believe that learning in early childhood involves not only every sense of the child but also all domains in which we learn and function and all aspects that surround him or her. 

I believe that everyone that child comes in contact with is a potential teacher whether they realize it or not.  This is a very important piece for families as they are their child's first teacher and we need to recognize and respect that as we work with children and their families. 

As an early childhood educator I believe that the environment that children are exposed to is very important in fulfilling their need to use every part of their body.  It is also important to fill the room with yeses.  This means there is relatively nothing that is off limits to the children.  It also means that the people they will come into contact within that space are people that can be trusted to be looking out for every child's best interest and potential. 

Creating this environment is the first step to guidance.  If there are age appropriate activities and lots of opportunities for saying yes to children's exploration, lots of problem behaviors are not present.  Age appropriate limits are good but child development should be taken into consideration when deciding those limits for individual children.   

Children should be able to depend on those around them by their consistency with guidance and with the schedule and routines that are present.  By doing this we are able to provide that feeling of safety that is associated with predictability for children.

            What I aspire to do as an early childhood educator is not only helping children learn fundamental skills but getting them excited to explore new things and learning through interactive activities giving them a life long love of learning.  This is what I aim for with every child that I interact with no matter their background, abilities, culture or families economic status.  All children have ways to be a part of activities, events and life.  It is our job to help them find their particular role by giving them the opportunities to fit their individual abilities.   

            With every opportunity, keeping the interests of the child ahead of everything else is what I hope for all aspects of my career in early childhood environment.  This will hold true for my advocacy position.  Trying to recruit support from all who are involved in a child's life from people who deal daily with the child to those who make policy decisions of both local and federal levels. 

            I will try to be the best person I can be for the children that I work both with and for by modeling appropriate behaviors not only with the child but families and colleagues as well.  Making sure I am knowledgeable with current issues and trends in all early childhood education and other areas that affect those in early childhood education